A Golf Clubs Selection Guide

First, you can check your swing speed and choose your best golf clubs.

Then, select what you need for beginner's.

Then check your height and clubs length.

Incorrect shaft flex can lead to the following issues.

 Titleist Wedges

The grind refers to the shape of the sole of the club, which affects how the club interacts with the turf. Here are explanations for some of the grinds available in the Titleist SM series:

S Grind:

  • Description: The S-Grind has a full sole with moderate heel relief.
  • Benefits: Designed for all-around performance, making it a good choice for a variety of shots and conditions. It offers a blend of forgiveness and versatility.
  • Ideal Conditions: Suitable for all conditions, especially good for players with a neutral angle of attack.


D Grind:

The player’s high bounce wedge. High measured bounce with the crescent shape of the M Grind for shot making versatility.

L Grind:

The L Grind features a narrow crescent shape allowing maximum green side versatility, but it is the least forgiving wedge in the lineup.

K Grind:

The highest bounce wedge in the lineup, the K Grind is the ultimate bunker club and the most forgiving wedge in the lineup for all shots.

  • Description: The K-Grind has a wider sole with enhanced camber.
  • Benefits: Known as the most forgiving wedge, particularly effective in bunkers and soft conditions. The wide sole prevents digging.
  • Ideal Conditions: Soft turf and sand, good for players with a steeper attack angle.

M Grind:

Vokey’s favorite, the M grind is designed for players that like to rotate the club face open and shut to manufacture shots around the green.

  • Description: The M-Grind has heel, toe, and trailing edge relief, similar to the C-Grind but with a slightly wider sole.
  • Benefits: Provides versatility for players who like to open or close the face. The wider sole offers more forgiveness in bunkers and soft turf.
  • Ideal Conditions: Medium to soft turf conditions, preferred by players with a neutral to shallow attack angle.

F Grind:

Full sole designed primarily for full swings & square face shots. Due to this design, it is the only grind available in 46°-52°, with the 54° and 56° F Grind being the most played SW on the PGA Tour.

  • Description: The F-Grind features a full sole, without any grind relief on the heel or toe.
  • Benefits: The most traditional grind, providing stability through the turf. Ideal for full shots and straightforward play.
  • Ideal Conditions: Suitable for all turf conditions and players with a more traditional, steeper swing.