YAMAHA Driver / RMX VD59 / 10.5° / R (New)

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Diamana YR 51.5g Graphite shaft, R-Flex, Driver, 10.5 degrees, Men's Right-handed, Brand New.


Offering exceptional trajectory consistency to all golfers. Featuring Yamaha’s unique adjustable weight.

The RMX VD weight system allows adjusting the impact stance while maintaining the 5,820 g・cm² moment of inertia, the maximum allowed by rules.

It makes an ideal square impact and high trajectory consistency available to all golfers.

New functionality offers exceptional trajectory consistency
Featuring the “RMX VD Weight System” (* Patent Pending)
“Offering a square impact to all golfers.”

photo: Feature 1. Large Moment of Inertia Remains Unchanged Exceptional Trajectory Consistency / Feature 2. Wide Range of Variable Center-of-Gravity Angles Square Impact

photo: Normal Position

photo: Draw Position

photo: Fade Positions

Using Science and Feel to Hit the Ball Where it Flies the Farthest

Golfers subconsciously tend to try and hit the ball at the point they think is the vertical center of the club. Therefore, considering that tendency, Yamaha designed the crown and face shape so that the area that is subconsciously recognized as the center matches the location that results in the longest flight (optimal impact point), which is slightly above the face center.

photo: Using Science and Feel to Hit the Ball Where it Flies the Farthest

In addition to increasing the overall head height by making the crown slightly more bulbous, adjustments were also made to the crown-face boundary design and to how the score lines appear. The head was designed so impact points are centered in the upper portion of the club face.

Higher kick velocity (1)
BOOST RING Technology

photo: BOOST RING Technology

The series of ribs from the crown to the sole is integrated with the hosel to form a ring that is secured near the face. Ensuring the deflection from impact is distributed uniformly in all directions concentrates the energy at the ball to increase kick velocity.

Higher kick velocity (2)
Lighter Face

photo: Lighter Face

The face weight was reduced 12% by optimizing the material thicknesses in the face area. That reduced residual energy in the face and increased power transmission efficiency.



Loft Angle (°) 9.5 (±1)/10.5 (±1)
Lie Angle (°) 59 (59.75, 60.5)
Transverse moment of inertia (g-cm²) 5,820
Structure 6-4 titanium CNC precision machined face, 811 titanium precision casting body, and carbon fiber crown


Shaft Diamana YR Diamana PD 50
Shaft Flex S/SR/R S
Shaft Weight (g) 55/53/51.5 53.5
Shaft Torque (°) 5.0/5.0/5.0 4.8
Shaft Kick Point Middle Middle-butt
Club Length (inches) 45.5 45.5
Swing Weight D2 D2
Club Weight (g) 299/297/295 301
Grip Yamaha Original Tour Velvet 360 rubber
<Y22GR4660R> 45 g, M60 equivalent, with no BL, no logo
Yamaha Original Tour Velvet 360 rubber
<Y22GR4660R> 49 g, M60 equivalent, with no BL, no logo

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